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Dear Colleagues in Kotor,

Hopefully everyone, present in Kotor, reached home safely by now. I am confident that I am speaking in the name of everyone attending, that our Annual General Assembly this year was again a great success. We express our appreciation to the organizing association, the Montenegro Shipmasters’ Association, which did its utmost to make this Assembly an event to be remembered.

We were impressed by the hospitality and helpfulness, not only of the Board of MNE but also from the staff of the Cattaro Hotel. The concluding social event will be in our memories for a long time.

The event also gave us a good impression of the importance of seafaring in the daily life of people in Montenegro, now and in the past.  

With kind regards,

Capt. Fredrik J. van Wijnen

(on behalf of the CESMA Board and Council)


Dear Kotor Captains, Capt Mario President,

Beside to Captain Fredrik, I would like to thank you for the welcoming hospitality we received during our stay in Kotor.

Topics and projects which were illustrated on Friday morning have been extremely interesting - thanks to the speakers; please pass our gratitude to All including the Members of Maritime Faculty for the visit on Thursday afternoon.

A big thank you goes to your organization for entertaining Captain’s Ladies while visiting downtown, Cetinje, Budva and National Park Lovcen.

I hope I will have the opportunity to reciprocate your kindness and why not - to come visit your beautiful country again, for a longer stay.

Yours sincerely,


Cap. L.C. Mario Carobolante


Collegio di Trieste dei Patentati Capitani di L.C. e D.M.


Dragi Kolegi Kapetani Crne Gore,

U ime ZPU i moje osobno ime se svima vama zahvaljujem za izvanrednu odrađenu Cesma AGA 2018 u vašem preljepom gradu Kotor.

Sve je bilo izvrstno postavljeno i izvršeno. Govornica nam je ljepo predstavila problematiku u Bokoj Kotorskoj tako, da se sada svi mi ostale udruge možemo malo zamistiti

kako je to u našim državama.

Velika zahvala i predstavnicima Pomorskog Fakulteta za srdačan prijem i izlaganje tematike fakulteta.

Prigoda je bila odlično organizirana i sve se je odlično poklopilo.

Naše supruge/partnerice su bile oduševljene organiziranim izletom po krajevima Crne Gore. Velika zahvala svima vama i u njihovo ime.

Svi mi predstavnici EU udruga pomorskih kapetana čemo dugo pamtiti vašu izvrstnu organizaciju i gostoprimstvo.

Hvala svima vama kolegi Kapeteni Crne Gore i želim vam još puno uspjeha u vašem radu.

Srdačan pozdrav,

Kap. Giorgio Ribarič – Predsednik ZPU Slovenia


Hello to all CESMA Colleagues from Ireland:

I wish to express my deep appreciation to the CESMA Team in Montenegro for hosting an excellent Council Meeting and AGA. Kotor is really beautiful and deserves more time for sightseeing. But the people make it special and I thank Vieja, Janko and Mario and the MNE team for organising a great conference.

Well done!

Bill Kavanagh (Capt.) BA (Hons) MA

Shipmaster, FNI.

BSc (Hons) NSc co-ordinator


Dragi kapetani!

Uživao sam u Kotoru,među ljudima i prijateljima,ljepoti i stručnosti organiziranja AGA.

Hvala još jednom i želio bih još jednom doći u Crnu Goru.

Pozdravi za sve vas.

Kap. Juraj Karninčić

Udruga pomorskih kapetana sjevernog Jadrana



Obavjestavamo clanove i ostale zainteresovane pomorce da smo od Centra za strucno obrazovanje dobili na razmatranje nacrte Standarda zanimanja iz sektora Saobraćaj i komunikacije, podsektor Saobraćaj, oblast Pomorstvo, brodarstvo i transport. Za Vasu informaciju na osnovu ovih standarda zanimanja, radiće se obrazovni programi Nautički tehničar( nivo IV1 ), Nautički oficir ( nivo V ). Zainteresovani clanovi ili pomorci koji zele ucestvovati u ovom razmatranju treba da nam se jave na captain@t-com.me radi slanja materijala. Molimo Vas da nam, eventualne primjedbe odnosno predloge posaljete u što skorijem roku, po mogućnosti do 05. 12.17. kako bi iste proslijedili CZSO.


Obavještavaju se članovi UPKCG da mogu preuzeti kalendare za sledeću godinu u privremenom prostoru Udruženja , Peluzica b.b.
Takodje bi zamolili one koji su propustili da plate članarinu za prethodni period, da isto urade ovom prilikom.

Kap. Marijo Pilastro

TEL : +30 – 210 - 89 85 813, FAX: +30 – 210 – 89 85 138 e-mail : nilimar@ath.forthnet.gr
Website: www.nilimar.com
In line with the pessimism we expressed in last week's report for the near future of the dry
market, all sectors of the BDI ended in the red for a 2nd straight week, or in the case of the BSI and
BHSI actually for the 10th and 9th straight weeks respectively.... The BCI suffered the most by
dropping -18% w-o-w leaving cape t/c averages now back down to only region $7300 daily. The BPI
was off by another -11% meaning the Panamax t/c average is now only region $4800 daily, while the
BSI declined -9% giving them a guide t/c average of just under $6000, and finally the BHSI ended the
week down by -7.5% giving them a current t/c average of about $4700 daily. Overall the BDI lost a
further 12.5% during week 45.
The sentiments in the wet and dry S+P markets remain unchanged, i.e. tankers firm while
bulker values remain under strong pressure due to the further declining freight market. The tanker
market however may be interesting to watch for the next couple of weeks since it appears a number of
owners / institutions may, for various reasons, be keen to decrease their tanker portfolios at this time.
If that manifests into more tanker purchase options for interested buyers then maybe values could be
All information we see emanating from the sub-continent regarding recycling there remains
fairly negative due to domestic currency disparity with the dollar and / or imported cheap Chinese steel
continuing to undercut the domestic steel markets, and yet the deals we see 'reported' last week
appear somewhat higher in volume than we might have expected and also with some bulkers achieving
levels in the $320's per LDT while we are otherwise led to believe only high $200's are attainable. It is
clearly a very mixed situation 'on the ground' there and would be sellers are well advised to be very
careful about who they chose as their recycling counterparties these days in order to minimise the
potential for renegotiations on delivery.

Izvor : Brokers report

Kraći izvještaj našeg kolege kao i fotografije sa ovog značajnog dogadjaja, možete preuzeti ovdje.