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Vessel (Teu/Hmg)     Index + / -
700/440TEU (GL) 17.5 k     3.28 ►0.00
1,043/660TEU (GL) 18 K     4.74 ►0.00
1,100/715TEU (G) 19 k     7.67 ►0.00
1,700/1,125TEU (G) 19.5 k     8.86 ▲0.12
1,740/1,300TEU (G) 20.5 k     8.87 ▲0.12
1,714/1,250TEU (G) 19k     5.34 ►0.00
2,500/1,900TEU (G) 22 k     4.32 ▼0.08
2,800/2,000TEU (GL) 22 k     3.65 ▲0.05
3,500/2,500TEU (GL) 23 k     1.61 ►0.00
4,250/2,800TEU (GL) 24 k     2.83 ▼0.08
5500/4,200TEU (GL) 25 k     2.83 ▼0.17
6500/4,800 (GL) 25 k     4.06 ▼0.19
Index Total     58.07 ▼0.23
G - Geared GL - Gearless

Da su kreativnost i nove ideje vodilja svakog poslovnog uspijeha pokazuje i primjer Turske kompanije Karadeniz, koja trgovačke brodove pretvara u elektrane kojima se mogu snabdijevati čitavi gradovi ili regije, pogotovo u zemljama koje imaju manjak energije , a takvih ima priličan broj :


A TURKISH operator of power-generating ships told Fairplay today it is targeting sub-Sahara Africa for floating electricity generation.

Nuray Atacik, commercial chief of Istanbul's Karadeniz, said: "There are ongoing negotiations with a number of countries in the sub-Sahara African region, but no contract has yet been signed."

The group also hopes its floating generation platforms catch on in the UK. Atacik pointed out: "Karadeniz currently owns seven power ships, with more ships currently under construction."

The ships would give Karadeniz "the capacity to deliver enough energy to not only power the city or region in which our ships are operating, but to generate enough power to deliver electricity to supply the needs of an entire country", she told Fairplay.

The company is today converting at a Turkish yard a vessel previously used to transport yachts into a ship using fuel oil or natural gas to generate electricity, she added.

Karadeniz began selling electricity from ships in 2009 and already supplies power in Iraq, Pakistan and Lebanon, generated on ships converted from bulkers and barges. Its balance sheet exceeds $1Bn and workforce numbers 1,000 people.

"Energy will play a crucial role in the attainment of Africa's development goals, and as a result of the successes of our 'Power of Friendship' projects in the Middle East, it is our intention to bring the same to Africa," Atacik declared.


Izvor : FP

Od svih brodara i managera ovih dana stize sledeći cirkular, koga se treba strogo pridržavati :



Dear All,

As from the 1st January 2014 every seafarer aboard our vessels who does not hold Ship Security Officer certificate Issued under STCW Reg. VI/5 must be in possession of a valid security training certificate issued under STCW Reg. VI/6 .

You are kindly asked to check and ensure from your side as well that all the crew being employed aboard after 1st of January hold the required certificate.

Otherwise we have arrange the crew repatriation latest in December.

AUGUST 7, 2013 — The UK P&I Club reports that the Port State Control agencies of states within the Caribbean Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will launch a new Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) that will start on September 1,2013 and will last for three months. The CIC is the Caribbean MOU's first inspection campaign and will focus on ensuring that vessels visiting Caribbean MOU countries are fully compliant with MARPOL Annex I, regulation 14 which covers the operability of oil filtering equipment systems and the arrangements for handling sludge.

During the regular PSC inspection, officers will inspect the vessel's oil filtering equipment, IOPP Certificate, Oil Record Book, maintenance records and other documents in order to verify compliance with the MARPOL Regulations.

The 15 member Caribbean MOU's Secretariat is hosted by Jamaica.


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